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Marketing Services

CryptoHype’s marketing services shine a light on the often confusing, complex world of digital marketing.

For both new and established projects alike, there are often a dizzying number of challenges, variables, and changes to keep in top of if you want your operation to run smoothly.

Regulatory and economic uncertainty. The pace of technological change. Limited internal capability. Cost. Competition. All these things can make achieving your goals a real headache.

CryptoHype Media starts by taking a look at the big picture; what your end goals are to make sure you’re not burning money on irrelevant promo efforts.


We help you focus on what matters by building an actionable marketing strategy for your business.

Social Media

Cultivating the right community and social profile early on often means more investment and more users.

Web Design

Make the right impression, with a clear, understandable website that conforms to the latest in web best practices.


Positioning your brand so it speaks to your audience is key. Without it, you might as well be shouting down a well.


Clear, understandable copy ensures your audience knows what you’re offering and how it benefits them.

Media Planning

Get the most bang for your buck and reach the right audience, with relevant, targeted media planning.

Investor Outreach

Getting in touch of the right investors can be make or break. We have the connections to help you succeed.

Ad Production

Captivate your audience with beautiful, interactive rich media ads, that look amazing on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Press Releases

With the right press coverage, your blockchain project can go from runner-up to industry leader in a matter of days.

Let’s keep in touch

Not ready to commit just yet? No problem, we get it. This kind of thing is a lot to take in on a first date. If you want to keep in touch though, just drop your info into the form below and we’ll keep you up to date on the latest CryptoHype comings and goings.