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Meet CryptoHype

CryptoHype Media gets your blockchain-based project in front of the right people, using a unique combination of strategy, creativity, and good old-fashioned honesty.
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The three pillars of marketing success

Your blockchain project deserves to reach as many people as possible. Whether that’s investors for early-stage projects or users and customers for the later stages. With the right marketing and media approach we bring the right kind of hype.


We work with you to understand your goals, build an in-depth profile of your target audience and set performance metrics that are relevant to your business.


As soon as we get to work, we are constantly analyzing our data to ensure we reach the right people for your project – whether that’s investors, customers, users or journalists.


We can help you scale your blockchain project to the moon (and stars), with large-scale digital media presence, the latest rich media technology, press and much more.

Get Hype!


We can help you get your project on the right track, long before your project even goes live.

  • Investor leads
  • Community management and growth


Making sure your project gets the attention of the right people is one of the keys to its success.

  • Digital media and online marketing
  • Community management


Once you’ve secured funding, it’s time to start growing your user base, or selling your product

  • User/client acquisition
  • Multi-channel digital marketing

What makes CryptoHype different

Standing out from the crowd, for all the right reasons, is what makes all the difference in the fast-paced blockchain and investing world. Here’s what makes us proud to say we’re different.


We pride ourselves on our openness. We’re not here to BS you; just deliver results.


We use creativity and technology to cut through the noise online and engage your audience.


We’ve been all over the crypto scene since the early days; we know how this stuff works.

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Not ready to commit just yet? No problem, we get it. This kind of thing is a lot to take in on a first date. If you want to keep in touch though, just drop your info into the form below and we’ll keep you up to date on the latest CryptoHype comings and goings.

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